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    Today’s symptothermal Method

    Taking care for your fertility

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  • Our mission

    SymptoTherm Foundation aims to promote and develop activities
    that foster individual health awareness and individual participation in
    personal health improvement.
    Central activities include: fertility awareness, sympto-thermal method
    of birth control and holistic fasting.

    • Deeper knowledge of the female cycle
    • Diffusion of the improved symptothermal method (sympto)
    • Knowing better the physilogical fasting process
  • New !

    Discover the simple and effective way

History of SymptoTherm

Testimonals of happy women and how we did.

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Sympto.org Taking care of your fertility


First guaranteed natural contraception on Internet, Smartphones, iPhone!

The leading educational program wordlwide. Personal follow up.

More about...

SymptoTherm TODAY

How easy it is to use the sympto program.

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Contact us

  • Fondation SymptoTherm
    Sécheron 8
    CH-1132 Lully

    (+41)21 802 44 18
  • Email.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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